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Our Jack Story

Spending most of my life in the Animal Field, as a Veterinary Technician, I had come across every breed of dog imaginable, at the time however, I never gave much thought to the Jack Russell Terrier. I was always a fan of larger dogs. My husband on the other hand was always a big fan of the Jacks, not coming from the animal world, he just referred to them as the "Little Jumping Dogs" It wasn't until he suggested that we search for a Jack Russell Puppy for our youngest son's 8th birthday that I began to see this little dog in a whole new light. You see, Gabriel, our son, is a highly functioning Autistic child. We figured that this would be a perfect match for him, a highly energetic child with an extremely highly energetic pup. I was amazed at the results. J.J (Jumpin' Jack) was our first Jack, and Gabriel's best little pal, he had proven to be a loyal. loving best friend to our little guy. It wasn't until I watched Gabriel and J.J that I fell in love with these wonderful little dogs. They have an energy that never ends, and a loyalty you can rely on.

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