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At Jumpin' Jack's Terriers, all of our breeding stock are fully health tested and clear of all major diseases. Our AKC Russell Terriers start at $2000 with limited AKC, Full AKC is also available. for an additional fee. If you'd like to be added to one of our upcoming litter waitlists please complete a puppy application and let us know which list you'd like to be placed on, We have 2 types of waitlists, our pick of litter hold list and our standby waitlist. Our Pick list is a deposit list, once pups arrive, our pick list holders will be allowed to select first, once our pick holds have selected, we will move down our standby list, in order of placement.

           Planned Litters
            Rey-Rey /Flash April 2024



We are so excited to announce we have confirmed pregancy, pups due to arrive Late March - early April.

CM_Photogrid_1689129308014 (1).jpg


Pick of Litter Female - Pending       Pick of Litter Male - Pending


                                 Stand-by List

                      Allen Astria - Male 

                                    Juan Diaz - Male

                                AnaMarie Garcia - Male

                                Miguel Estrada - Female

                                      Lily Tran - Female

                                 Anthony Reyes - Male

                                 Carlos Ramirez - Male

                                  Laura Gillmore - Male

                            Cecilia Sellier - Female or Female


   Upcoming Broken / Rough Litter Waitlist



                                                 Tina Lee - Broken Female

                                          Elena Villegas - Broken Female

                                          Michelle Garcia - Rough Female

                                          Marsha Trinh - Rough Female

                                          Ana Ochoa - Rough Female

                                          Carol Acosta - Rough Male

                                           Lisa Marquez - Broken Male

                                           Roberta Colon - Rough Male

                                           Deanna Landsberg - Broken Female

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