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On The afternoon of November  22, 2023 Hailey and Flash welcomed 4 male and 4 female smooth pups, mommy did an awesome job!

Black Male   12: 55 pm  6 oz  

Orange Male  2:08 pm  6 1/2 oz

White Male     12:55 pm  6 1/2 oz

Blue Male        3:14pm  6 1/2 oz

Yellow Female   1:03 pm  6 oz

Green Female    1:34 pm 6 oz

Purple Female    2:24 pm 6 1/2 oz

Red Female        3:37 pm 6 1/2 oz

Here are we are now 1 week old and doing so good. We had are tails and dewclaws done this week and did an awesome job.  Mommy is taking very good care of us, we are growing so fast.

Black Male     11 oz  

Orange Male   12 oz

White Male       9 1/2 oz

Blue Male         12 oz

Yellow Female    11 oz

Green Female     12 oz

Purple Female    9 oz

Red Female         11 oz

Time is flying by so fast, we are already two weeks old, we've opeed eyes and are ready to see the world. As you can see by our weights, we are growing very fast.

Black Male     15 1/2 oz  

Orange Male    15 1/2 oz

Rip (White)       15 oz

Leo (Blue)        15 1/2 oz

Yellow Female     15 oz

Zoey   (Green)      15 oz

Purple Female     14 oz

Red Female         18 .5 oz

Well, here we are, three weeks already, and getting so active now, this week we recieved our first nail trims and we did so good. We are  contunuing to grow more and more everyday.

Black Male         1 lb 5 oz  

Orange Male      1 lb 7 oz

Rip (White)         1 lb 5 oz

Leo (Blue)           1 lb 4 oz

Yellow Female     1lb 3 oz

Zoey   (Green)     1 lb 3 oz

Purple Female     1 lb 2 oz

Red Female         1lb 4 oz

Oh' my goodness, we are already four weeks old and eating solid food. This past week, we started stealing our mommy's food, got our first baths and are playing with each other now.

Black Male         1 lb 10 oz  

Orange Male      1 lb 11 1/2 oz

Rip (White)         1 lb 9 oz

Leo (Blue)           1 lb 8 oz

Lexi (Yellow)        1lb 9 oz

Zoey   (Green)     1 lb 6 oz

Purple Female     1 lb 5 oz

Red Female         1lb 8 oz

We are 5 weeks old now and have grown so much, we love to play, bark and growl, we are weaned off mommy and on solid food now, we love our outdoor playtime and toys. 

Black Male         1 lb 14 oz  

Orange Male      2 lb 1/2 oz

Rip (White)         1 lb 14 oz

Leo (Blue)           1 lb 14 oz

Lexi (Yellow)        1lb 13 oz

Zoey   (Green)     1 lb 10 oz

Purple Female     1 lb 9 oz

Red Female         2 lb 0 oz

We can't believe we are aleady 6 weeks old, where did the time go? We are so much bigger and playful now. This past week was exciting for us, we got to have visits from our familiea and got to play outisde. Just 2 more weeks and we get to go home to our families.


Black Male          2 lb 9 oz  

Orange Male       2 lb 12 oz

Rip (White)          2 lb 8 1/2 oz

Leo (Blue)           2 lb 8 oz

Lexi (Yellow)        2 lb 2 oz

Zoey   (Green)     2 lb 3 1/2 oz

Purple Female     2 lb 2 oz

Red Female         2 lb 6 1/2 oz

Well, we are finally 7 weeks old and this is our last Puppy update, as we will all be leaving to our new forever homes soon. This past week, we received our 2nd Dewormer, and our 1st DHPP vaccine . We have grown so much over tha past 7 weeks, we know we will be so missed when we leave.  Our temporary owner has grown so attached to us, but she knows we are all going to loving homes,

Black Male          2 lb 15  oz  

Orange Male       3 lb 5 oz

Rip (White)          3 lb 1 oz

Leo (Blue)           2 lb 15 oz

Lexi (Yellow)        2 lb 14 1/2 oz

Zoey   (Green)     2 lb 10 oz

Purple Female     2 lb 8 oz

Red Female         2 lb 15 1/2 oz

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